Episode 13.5: Secret Live Show in DC: Avaroc's Party

Our Super Secret Liveshow from Magfest! Debilika has some errands to run, so what kind of trouble could our party possibly get into?

Episode 13: Hunting Wights - Chapter 6

Our unplugged survivors try to rebuild and reconnect after Jemarc returns. But they are consistently disrupted by the warnings of an old acquaintance. Despite this, they take their avatars back through the Shattered Mansion, and find themselves face-to-face with a religious leader and his flock. It's faith versus faith as Twilight and Torrin bring forth their spiritual leader, The Murder Gnome.

Episode 12.5: Alive

Lost allies. Potreblyat on the hunt. Reunions with a cost.

Episode 12: Hunting Wights - Chapter 5

Tensions rise as our prisoners make their way up the stairs and confront the Wight. But, without Debilika to guide them, and without a plan, their odds of success are limited. All the while, Jemarc, finds himself trapped in a bunker beneath the Collapsed Quarter. Hope is nowhere to be found. Anywhere.

Episode 11: Hunting Wights - Chapter 4

Our favorite prisoners make their way through the Shattered Mansion, undaunted by the threats that lay within. However, even with the grotesque monstrosities that are the oddly adorable Lemure, they find themselves up against their most powerful foe yet: puzzles. This...could take a while.